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Meet Cameron

Your Personal Consultant 

First of all I want to thank you for considering Infinite Possibility Web Solutions for all of your Digital Marketing needs. I have a love for this type of work and the artistic design behind it all. I find it fascinating, and incredibly rewarding when I can help another business reach their goals. I stumbled upon my love of logo design, branding, and web building plus all other aspects of digital marketing while working for a retailer. I was able to rebuild their website from the ground up and in the course of a couple years I became fluent in analytics to optimize the company's selling capacity. Their business grew 65% in the first year! That was all from just their website and social media presence. Once I realized what I was capable of, I was hooked!

A little about me: I live in Eugene, OR and have a large family. I reside with my partner and 2 kiddos, but I am mom to a total of 4 kiddos ranging from 23-17. Also dog mom to a 2 year old German Shepherd. I love that my family supports me 100% in this business that I love. 


The Web Solution Vision

Infinite Possibility Web Solutions Web Site Design

My vision for my clients is to help them grow their business using today's platforms. Weather its only on a website or with social media included, I want to help my clients be found. 

Most business owners have enough to do on the day to day. You have a company to run, employees and accounts to manage. Often things like website management and social media posting goes by the wayside. It is so important to be up front at the top of the line when a potential customer is looking for your services. You can pay high prices for online ads to keep you on the top of a web search page. My goal is to get you on the top without all the unnecessary expenses, plus you get to be catered to for your company's specific needs and consistantly monitored for what your potential customers are looking for. 

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